About the Breed

History in England

The breed was started 250 years ago in the town of Herefordshire, England.

History in United States

In the late 1960's a ranch in Texas used certified dwarf-free Hereford bloodlines to make the breed that we have today. 


Their docile temperament makes them very friendly and easy to work with. They are easy on pastures and fences. 

Space Requirements

You can have two or three Miniature Herefords on the same piece of pasture that you could have one regular cow. 


They are hardy and adaptable to many climates from cold Canada, to the humid East Coast, the hot South, and the dry Southwest. 


Miniature Herefords make great 

4-H and FFA projects for kids.  They are also ideal for people who want cattle as a hobby, pet or secondary income.