Welcome to Streeter's Half-Pint Herefords

Welcome to Streeter's Half-Pint HerefordsWelcome to Streeter's Half-Pint HerefordsWelcome to Streeter's Half-Pint Herefords

Dedicated to raising quality Miniature Hereford cattle

About our cattle

About Us

We live on a family farm located in the rolling hills of rural New Virginia, Iowa.

Our family histories have included agriculture for many generations.  Part of that history involved raising and showing cattle.  To continue with that tradition,  we made the decision to begin raising Miniature Herefords in 2013.  We feel that their gentle disposition and smaller size make them easy to handle. They also require less feed and pasture than their larger counterparts which makes it easier to raise them on our smaller farm.  We currently have about a dozen females & several calves along with our herd sire.

We are always working to improve our genetics and grow our herd and we are enjoying every minute of it.  Check out our Sale Barn page to add to your herd or possibly start a herd of your own.

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